A Salute to the Not-So-Little Guys & Alternative Workforce Solutions

Vincent Kwapong,  Managing Partner, Songhai Group
"Cross Continental Workforce Wellness" 
Vincent Kwapong | Songhai Group
An entrepreneurial perspective on managing two diverse workforces on separate continents.

Cordell Jeter, Founder, Tracked Mobility
“From Olympic Gold to Small Business Fabricator" 
Cordell Jeter | TrackedMobility
The first-hand story of a second stage small business fabricator with a no direct employees.

Sarah J. Laroque, CEO/President, EarthBalance 
“Growing and Retaining Your Workforce, Our Story” 
Sarah J. Laroque | EarthBalance
Learn about the evolution of a local business that has grown to be the largest domestic consulting firm of its type. Hear how their large scale and complex projects are skillfully     managed through a culture that deliberately deploys methods that ensures employee retention.

Tracie Troxler, Founder/Exec. Director, Sunshine Community Compost
"Social Entrepreneurialism, The Power of Community Engagement" 
Tracie Troxler | Sunshine Community Compost
A “how to lesson” in orchestrating and harnessing a workforce of individual volunteers and governmental entities through pure community collaboration. 

Beaver Shriver, Owner/Partner and Chris Cushman, General Manager, Rise Coffee Co. and Nye’s Cream Sandwiches 
“Look who we hired!” 
Beaver Shriver | Rise & Nye's and Chris Cushman | Rise & Nye's
It is more than a passion for creating exceptional experiences or just nurturing and developing your front-line employees.  This story is a testament to the power of a business run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Jennifer Fowler-Hermes, Partner, Williams Parker, Attorneys at Law
“Legal Tips, Do’s and Don’ts” 
Jennifer Fowler-Hermes | Williams Parker
Throughout the day she will bring you legal perspectives that will help keep abreast of labor law trends.


Vince Kwapong Cordell Jeter Sarah Laroque, MBA, PMP Tracie Troxler Beaver Shriver Chris Cushman Jennifer Fowler-Hermes
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM