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Growing up in Fairfax County Virginia, Cordell Jeter is a focus minded and driven individual. Continuing to run his landscaping company while in West Virginia, playing football on scholarship. Cordell, in 1988, was a passenger in an automobile accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Now a paraplegic and an optimist, Cordell made getting out of the hospital his immediate focus. Released with full competency within 7 weeks, instead of an anticipated 6-9 months, now 20 years old, with his new wheels, Cordell was already seeking a new focus in life and goal for his competitive drive. Seeing wheelchair racers competing in the Marine Corps Marathon, Cordell thought this could be a quick competitive fix. Not realizing placing fourth in the same marathon a year later would just be the start to his racing career. Cordell excelled to compete in Barcelona Spain, on behalf of United States 1992 Paralympic Team. Winning Bronze and Gold medals while setting a new world record. Cordell had achieved the panicle in his sport.

As a continuum of his experiences, in 1993 Cordell was contacted by Fairfax County Therapeutic Recreation and requested to speak with their wheelchair participants. Cordell continued to stay involved and mentoring some of the participants. Soon thereafter Cordell transformed a social program into a competitive seasonal wheelchair sports team. 25 years later, the team now named Fairfax Falcons, is a nationally recognized force being coached by two of his initial team members. A wonderful and unanticipated result of Cordell’s dedication to his community.

Concurrently, Cordell was added to Bank of America’s Speaker Bureau list and was often contracted to travel the country to share his story of optimism, setting goals and perseverance. Helping Bank of America increase disability awareness.
Traveling the world and seeing all walks of life and people with mobility limitations, Cordell made comfort, independent mobility and inclusion his new focus. 1996, after successfully passing a comprehensive competency test acquiring his Rehabilitation Technology Specialist, RTS, Certification. Cordell’s focus was pediatric rehabilitation seating, positioning and drive technology. Cordell partnered with Advantage Medical Equipment creating RTS Solutions. Then successfully acquired and maintained service contracts that included INOVA Fairfax Hospital and Iliff Long Term Pediatric Nursing in Fairfax VA.
During his decade plus of working in the rehabilitation hospital setting, Cordell became aware of kids consistently suffering even dying from infections. Cordell researched why this was happening and how he could help solve the problem.
Being a serial entrepreneur, Cordell saw an immense opportunity to prevent unnecessary illness and possibly deaths. Now armed with the fact, 1 out of every 25 people admitted to a hospital acquires an infection from that hospital they did not have prior to admittance. Cordell saw the problem and wanted to be a part of the solution. In 2010, founded 123GermFree, established regional and territory rights to internationally recognized decontamination systems, GermPro Products, SteraMist’s Hydroxyl Radicals, and BioMist’s on contact kill. Cordell was armed with the right solution for the situation and pathogen. While spearheading agreements with Tampa General Hospital for decontamination systems and products, Cordell was provided a gift.

Cordell’s life changed from preventing illness to creating access. Family and friends gifted a tracked powerchair to Cordell. During his first ride, Cordell independently drove across the grass in his backyard, directly into the woods and was reminded of a freedom he had forgotten. A freedom that his kids in the wheelchair sports program had never experienced. A freedom that our Veterans served for and deserve for putting their lives and bodies on the line. A way to provide opportunity to comfort to the sick and ailing with one more beach sunset or the peace from sitting in our Nation’s Parks. Cordell had a new focus, a new mission in life. To provide ease of access to trackchair technology for the masses. By creating greater access through rental options, low-cost sales even donations. Cordell is creating a new level of freedom and inclusion in outdoor activities for people of all “abilities”. Cordell’s vision is to create ease of access to trackchair technology at all our commercialized beaches, State Parks and National Monuments, just like scooters are located at every Home Depot, Walmart and grocery store ready for use. Cordell is on his way to making his vision a reality….
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