Full Name
Beaver Shriver
Job Title
Co-Founder, Co-Owner
Rise & Nye’s
Speaker Bio
Beaver Shriver has continued in the storied Shriver family tradition of serving others by giving his time and financial support to many organizations, especially those that champion for individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities including Special Olympics, Best Buddies, and Push2Inspire.
He is the founder of Rise and Nye’s, a Sarasota-based coffee shop that is run by differently-abled people, and its supporting nonprofit, Inclusion Revolution. And he is co-founder of Shriver Education for the Arts, a nonprofit that helps empower and employ artists with different abilities. In addition, he owns and manages The Shriver Group.

Beaver started and hosted the Tuesday Social Club for Exceptional People; he established the Bath County Virginia Farmers’ Market; he volunteered as a firefighter, EMT, rescue dive team leader, and ice hockey coach; he sits on numerous other boards of directors for nonprofits; and he started and chaired several wildlife conservation organization chapters.
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+1 724-312-0824
Beaver Shriver