Start Your Career Planning Journey with MyCareerShines!

MyCareerShines, powered by Kuder® is a customized education and career planning system specifically designed for Florida students. 

MyCareerShines helps prepare you for a successful career by providing a suite of free tools and resources that include:

  • Interests, skills, and work values assessments.
  • A catalog of careers with state demand job growth indicators.
  • Education planners and goal tracking.
  • Financial literacy modules that cover loans, scholarships, and other types of financial aid.
  • Resume, cover letter, and interview guides.
  • A dynamic e-Portfolio that can be shared with potential employers or colleges using a simple link.

“MyCareerShines has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me explore different career options, discover programs, and it’s helped me learn about myself. This website will be very useful to me because I can find scholarships and opportunities that I may need for the future."

- Marienela S., Student

Key Components of the System:

  • Kuder Galaxy® - An interactive, game-based approach to introducing career planning concepts in grades pre-K through 5.
  • Kuder Navigator® - Core college and career planning resources for grades 6 through 12.