Workforce Trends

Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO, Emsi
“Job Title Standardization” 
Andrew Crapuchettes | Emsi
A practical and fun approach to helping you standardize job titles and bring efficiency to the labor market.

Lisa Strickland Hill, Enterprise Sales Executive, WorkMarket, an ADP Company

“The Gig Worker, A Growing Trend” Lisa Hill | WorkMarket, an ADP Company
Market conditions are causing a shift to the need and use of gig workers.  The gig economy is growing, and Lisa will discuss this movement and provide data to support the trend.

Jennifer Fowler-Hermes, Partner, Williams Parker, Attorneys at Law
“Legal Tips, Do’s and Don’ts” Jennifer Fowler-Hermes | Williams Parker
Throughout the day she will bring you legal perspectives that will help keep abreast of labor law trends.

Ted Abernathy, Managing Partner, Economic Leadership LLC
“Economic Wellness, Your Swiss Army Knife” 
Ted Abernathy | Economic Leadership
The economic investment into your labor force will have a direct and consequential impact on your organization.  This session will expose the varied principles of Economic Wellness and its potential as an accelerant in achieving an engaged and productive workforce.

Andrew Crapuchettes Lisa Hill Jennifer Fowler-Hermes Ted Abernathy
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM