Pathways to Success Workshop Series 

Event One

September 20, 2023

Dollars & Uncommon Sense - 

A Focus on Small Business Financial Strategy 

Having a sound financial strategy is a critical step in planning and operating your business. Where do you find the money to start or expand your business? Do you borrow, seek investors, or take on partners? How much do you need to keep the doors open during the down times? We’ll take on these questions and many more as we talk about financial strategy for small business success.

Event Two

January 31, 2024

         Growing into Success          

The Way to Grow

Business growth is a phenomenon that occurs when business owners, employees, and outside factors influence contribute to business success.  Learn from our experts how to expand a customer base, increases revenue, and produce success. 

Event Three

May 8, 2024

                                                           Smart Marketing            

                                                            Hitting the Target

Every business needs a winning marketing strategy to show your products and services in the best light to the right people at the right time, Learn from our small business experts about branding and marketing strategies to produce success. 

Event Four

July 31, 2024

Strategic Execution    

 It’s About Prioritizing

Strategic execution is the implementation of plans that enable the achievement of set goals. The strategic playbook is the organizational guide that puts into motion the proper sequencing of business activities.  Our panel of experts will address strategy development and strategic execution to achieve intentional outcomes.

Event Five

October 9, 2024

      Talent Management       

Recruit. Train. Retain. 

Effective time management is a defining factor to success. Learn from our experts about time management to prioritize their workload, dedicate their time to critical tasks and activities, and achieve business goals and dreams to produce success.