Kate Volman 

CEO, Floyd Consulting

Kate Volman is the CEO of Floyd Consulting. She and her team are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations become the-best-version-of-themselves by providing training, coaching, and consulting services, including Floyd’s cornerstone Dream Manager program based on Matthew Kelly’s bestselling book.

With over fifteen years of consulting experience with businesses, executives, and having been a business owner herself, she fully understands the professional challenges her clients face. Kate has had the opportunity to work with both large and small businesses, and brands such as GoDaddy, Entrepreneur.com, and StartUpNation.com. She is a sought after national speaker.

She has created a variety of programs, workshops, and initiatives including Successful Women in Business, PULSE (Young Professionals program), Smart Talk for Women, and From How to Wow. These programs helped business owners build effective relationships and execute results-driven marketing strategies.

Kate co-created and co-hosts Delray Morning Live, a weekly live morning show dedicated to highlighting her local community. She also co-created and co-hosts Trajectory, a podcast for solopreneurs and business professionals looking for practical advice and ideas to help advance their careers.

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Create for No Reason
By Shawn Pfunder and Kate Volman

A show about making something for the pure joy of it—not to be rich or famous or successful. You don't need to post it on social media. You don't need a reason. Give yourself permission to explore your creativity. Give yourself permission to play. It's always worth it. We promise.

On a mission to help people fuel their creativity, do what they love, & enjoy their work.