DE & I in the Workplace: From Talking to Doing
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 10:00 AM
Joshua Evans

Statistics on diversity in the workplace show that most companies need to consider greater inclusivity to create a more diverse workforce. Executives know that a diverse workforce - including differing races, religions, ages, genders and sexual orientations, person with disabilities and more - provides greater depth in perspective and viewpoints for the company. Those elements assist in developing new products and novel ways to cater to customers. With the heightened focus toward conversations of equity and inclusion, organizations of all sizes are working to make sure their mission and practices have that same focus. To that end, many leaders are seeking to embrace practices, initiatives, and tools designed to increase levels of diversity among employees. Therefore the goal of DEI in the Workplace is to help companies become more inclusive by imparting knowledge and developing tools to perform organizational self-assessment and plans for inclusive change.