High Performance … high values

If it can be measured; it can be managed. Once you define your ideal work culture, how do you know if leaders and team members align with it? You must measure it; regularly.  After senior leaders define their organization’s ideal work culture and values, they then must specify observable, tangible behaviors that model those values. By formalizing the values they want everyone in the organization to demonstrate, then and only then, can the exercise in accountability begin. With observation and practice in daily interactions, behavior activities for continuous improvement, accountability, inclusiveness and teamwork will advance.

Great leaders make respect as important as results. When organizational leaders and team members understand the desired values in your company AND are held accountable to model, celebrate, and coach those desired values, engagement, customer service, performance, and profits increase. 

3 Takeaways: 

  • Defining your 'ideal' culture is the foundation of a healthy work culture 
  • Imperative to formalize values in observable, tangible, and measurable terms
  • How to measure the degree of respect across your organization through a values survey